Me Versus Cheetos

There’s something that’s always troubled me about being fat. Actually, many things trouble me about being fat. The thing that’s the biggest sticking point for me is this: if I hate being fat so much (which I absolutely do) and I know that in order to change this I have to eat better (which I do) and exercise (yes, again), why then do I have periods where I fall off the train to thinsville? Why is a bad day, a rude person, some stressful situation involving work or family or a number of different issues enough for me to fall off the wagon? Why does it drive me towards my arch nemesis, Cheetos?

I don’t necessarily believe I have a food addiction, as some folks do. Rather, I think the main issue that keeps me overweight is my tendency to self-medicate with food. I get that I’m the one putting the Cheetos (or candy, or whatever bad stuff) in my mouth. What I don’t understand is why food is my one and only go-to for soothing me during stressful situations. Why can’t I switch out Cheetos for yoga or running or even Words With Friends? God knows I’ve tried. This automatically soothing myself with food feels all-consuming when it’s happening – no pun intended.

I started reading a few different books on the subject to try and get a handle on the situation. One of the action plans suggests doing an activity to distract yourself from the impulse to self-medicate with food (aka SMWF). So I’ve decided I’m switching food for French. Every time I get that urge to SMWF, I will instead do a new lesson of Fluenz, my new French learning software. It takes around 30 days for something to become a habit. I’m currently doing 1 lesson of French a day. I’m pledging to do an additional lesson of Fluenz every time I get the urge to run for the Cheetos. Here’s hoping with concerted effort on my part that  in a month’s time, I will have ditched being a junk food addict for being bilingual.


5 thoughts on “Me Versus Cheetos

  1. That emotional eating is hard to break — look forward to hearing how your French progresses! I also find having healthy crunchy alternatives so I get the satisfaction of the crunch and eat without the bad calories (e.g. carrot sticks — but I do like a little hummus with it now and then! — a crisp apple sliced) sometimes helps. Good luck! ~ Kat

    • It sure is. Thought it would be much more constructive taking old, negative behaviors (emotional eating) and replacing it with a positive one (working my way towards fluency in French). I love raw baby carrots and apple slices and I love hummus – I’ll have to try those combinations out. Thanks for commenting, and for the tip!

  2. The hummus sounds like a good idea. And if you happen to have a day where you SMWF (cheetos), then that’s okay too. Everyone falls off the wagon once in a while. I hope to keep hearing about your progress!

  3. My go to snack is air popped popcorn. I recently purchased an popcorn air popper from Crate & Barrell — it was the wisest purchase I have ever made (well, next to my treadmill). I keep a huge Tupperware container full of freshly popped popcorn on my kitchen counter so when I get the urge to snack and no distraction will distract me, then I reach for my Tupperware, grab a few handfuls and then go about my business. Works like a charm. Although, I do like your French idea. 🙂

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