Future Me Doing Future Things

I’ve been looking at a lot of exercise/healthy living things online in the last few days, and the idea of being able to eventually take specific exercise classes really appeals to me. I don’t mean some random, manic workout class where the music makes your ears bleed, the teacher is too chipper to function and everyone (but you) is bouncing around like a frog in a bucket.  I’m thinking more a long the lines of something like yoga or pilates. I’ve done a little research on yoga, which does interest me.  In the last few weeks I’ve started reading more about pilates. I think it would be an excellent choice for me in a few months’ time.  One of the core (no pun intended) health issues I have (aside from the fat thing) is back pain.  I had a slip and fall accident in a supermarket a few years ago, and that accident lead to a damaged spine and some serious lower back pain. This pain has recently developed into sciatica.

I’m hopeful that the weight loss will help alleviate some – if not the majority – of my back pain.  I’m very interested in doing exercise that will strengthen my core muscles and those increasingly strengthened core muscles will help support my back a lot better. I believe that pilates and yoga will help me achieve this. I love researching things and knowing how stuff works, so I won’t be signing up for any classes in the immediate future. (Also – I’m at my all time heaviest weight. Getting me to sign up for group anything right now will have a failure rate of 100%. I’m just not comfortable exercising in front of others just yet).   I will, however, continue to read and research, so when I feel I am ready & able to join a yoga/pliates class I will know my stuff backwards and go into it confident and excited to begin.

Have you ever taken a yoga/pilates class? Do you take them now? What benefits, if any, have you seen/experienced in your yoga/pilates practice?


8 thoughts on “Future Me Doing Future Things

  1. I’ve never taken pilates, but I have taken yoga and always loved it — mostly for the mental benefits of feeling more calm and relaxed, and less anxious.

      • I was surprised it helped with those things! I’m normally so high-strung and NOTHING calms me down. It wasn’t something that happened immediately but after doing it a couple times a week for a few months, I noticed I felt much better.

  2. I prefer Pilates to Yoga. Probably because in some strange way, pilates reminds me of my ballet classes. I found the moves easy to do and follow.

    That said, how about just walking, either outside or buy a treadmill, set it up in the living room or family room (that’s what I have done) and walk on it for 30 minutes (or more) while watching your favorite show (I love throwing in an old movie and just walking and walking… )

    Just my two cents.

    • I have been walking on a treadmill. It’s the most convenient way for me to exercise at the moment. I like watching 45 minute episodes of my favorite shows while I watch. If I attempt to get off the treadmill before the time is up, I don’t get to see the end of my show.

    • Do you find that Pilates makes you more aware of your body and how you carry yourself? I’ve read that a lot of Pilates devotees say that after doing it for a while they feel like they carry themselves better and are more aware of how they move…that the overall increase in tone and strength makes them stand taller, move better, feel more graceful, etc. (Hope that makes sense).

      • Interesting question! I would think both Pilates and Yoga would enable a person to “carry themselves better and are more aware of how they move…that the overall increase in tone and strength makes them stand taller, move better, feel more graceful, etc.” (and yes, you are making perfect sense). I do not attend pilates classes often enough to say whether or not it’s helping me because I have been a ballet dancer (not professionally) for years and I attend an adult ballet class every Wed evening for 1 1/2 hours. Ballet has done for me exactly what your pilatse devotees say pilates has done for them. Ballet has given me such a strong center or as they say, “core”. The first time I took a pilates class I found it rather easy and for some reason, it reminded me of ballet. Ballet is the reason I am so flexible and have such a strong core. I dance en pointe which requires strength of the entire body, not just ankles and legs. So with all that said, I feel Ballet, Pilate and Yoga all require discipline so no matter which one you choose, will have a positive effect on your body. Go for it, you have nothing to lose!

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