Brie, Please.

I’m coming into my second day on the juice fast. Hubs and I started Wednesday night, and I was feeling totally fine up until last night right before dinner time. I hadn’t experienced any real hunger pangs and was feeling pretty good aside from a little bit of sleepiness and feeling a little colder than usual. I had a shower right before we had our ‘dinner’ juice and noticed in the mirror that my chin had broken out with what I would normally term “stress acne”. I don’t normally suffer from acne; in fact I can count on both hands the number of breakouts I’ve had in the last ten years. I didn’t even get much acne as a teenager, aside from an odd spot or two right around exam time. (See, it’s stress!) :)I assumed the breakout was detox related and went about the rest of my day.

Dinner was a difficult experience; the juice hubs made had entirely too much broccoli in it for my taste. Getting it all down was a challenge, but I managed. I went to bed at 8pm, which is much earlier than normal. I did sleep, but I had really weird dreams.  (I’m hoping to get some more sleep after writing this!)

So far negative symptoms I’ve experienced include:

  • acne breakouts
  • chills; can’t get warm enough
  • feeling dizzy (mild)
  • mild flu-like symptoms
  • feeling tired

However, the positive ones include:

  • No migraines. At all! (This is the first time in maybe five years I can remember waking up migraine/allergy free. AWESOME.)
  • No allergy symptoms either upon waking or throughout the day
  • Feeling lighter (not physically, more like feeling I’m not as weighed down by all the bad things I used to consume, if that makes sense?)
  • Sleeping better
  • Aside from the breakout on my chin, the rest of my skin looks AMAZING. I’m shocked that I’ve had such noticeable results so darn quickly.

Hubs and I talked about the length of the juice fast last night, and we think (barring any AMAZING developments) that we will continue to do a straight juice fast for another two days (today and tomorrow), and then on Saturday night we will introduce a small salad as part of our ‘dinner’. We will do the breakfast= juice/ lunch= juice/dinner= juice + salad plan for a further four days to bring us up to a week on the detox and then re-evaluate how we are both feeling.

One of the other things about the fast so far that has really surprised me is that I am having NO sugar cravings whatsoever. Previously if I’d started “a healthy diet”, the first three days I would be miserable and cranky because of the sugar withdrawl. This time I have none of those sugar cravings/withdrawl symptoms – it really is amazing.  I also find when I do have cravings for different foods (which are mild at best ), the cravings are for HEALTHY FOODS. I woke up 30 minutes ago with a craving for spelt pasta with feta, avocado and tomatoes. Earlier yesterday I had a hankering for some vegan brie en croute in a recipe I saw over at Vedged Out. 

What is happening to me?!!? 😉 I’m not entirely sure, but I like it.

Going to soldier through today and tomorrow – everyone says day three is the toughest. I figure I can put up with 2 more days’ discomfort for all the benefits the juice fast will give me. I am really excited about the prospect of “resetting” my health and getting rid of old, poisonous cravings and habits in exchange for ones that will make me genuinely happy and feed my body in positive, enriching ways.


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