Ow, Yay, Ow.

I’m on the final day of the “nothing but juice” part of the detox. Today was pretty darn tough. I had zero energy and spent a couple hours napping.  I had wicked muscle pain, felt super flu-like and yucky. I was feeling a little better at dinner time, but I’m experiencing some pretty sharp pain in my kidneys. I can only guess that it’s the effects of my kidneys detoxing.

I bought some reusable glass bottles to store our juices in. They’re glass bottles with a silicone sleeve and flip top lid. They’re by a company called Lifefactory. The bottles come in a range of sizes, but I bought the 22oz size. They’ll be great to use for water after we’re done with the fast. I highly recommend them.

The good news is that I’ve dropped five pounds. I’m pretty geeked about that, however the primary reason for doing this juice fast was not to lose weight but to reset my palate. I wanted to rid my body of the overwhelming cravings for white flour, sugar and processed foods. We went to the market tonight to get produce for tomorrow’s juices, and while we were on our way to the checkout I noticed the usual junk foods stacked right by the registers. Upon seeing it, I instantly thought, “Poison, poison, poison, don’t want any of that”.  And I realized it was true.


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