I’m Lady Blogger and this is my WordPress blog, 2F4F.

My blog was chosen as a Word Press “Freshly Pressed” pick for October 2012. Yay!

In addition to reading 2F4F here at WordPress, you can also follow me on Twitter: @2F4F

I write about being fat and my ongoing journey from fat to fit. However, this is not another typical “weight loss journey” blog. Basically, I write about anything and everything – whatever pops into my head that I want to discuss. I won’t hold back if I think that the subject deserves attention (or derision). Sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll cry and sometimes you’ll want to do both. (I’m hoping it’s more laughter than tears).

What this blog isn’t: a pro-fat blog. As in the pro-fat movement. If you’re looking for pro-fat content, please look elsewhere. This blog is also not a diet blog. I will be discussing my weight loss on here, but for the most part I won’t be going into great detail about what I’m currently doing or how I did it. If you’re looking for weight-loss tips and advice, please ask Google or more preferably, your favorite registered dietitian.

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